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The Green Temple [entries|friends|calendar]
Kristian Järventaus

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I wrote the first part of a ballad. [29 Aug 2007|09:36am]
It is pretty awesome.

It's in ballad metre, so you can sing it to Tam Lin, Matty Groves, Amazing Grace or the Gilligan's Island tune.
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I take it all back, there is a God. [25 Jul 2007|04:26pm]
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And eh, I'll plug this. [23 Jul 2007|04:19pm]
[ mood | phlegmatic ]


The Wonderful Worlds of

The Steamopera

on some simple premises
extrapolations thereof
19th Century
half a century

I also sometimes put shit on Deviantart: http://naeddyr.deviantart.com/
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Just to annoy BoB [22 Jul 2007|12:38pm]
Read Harry Potter, almost-all-nighter up till five in aboutish one marathon session from when I got somewhere between four o clock and eight o clock in the evening.

It was so-so. Expected more.

Well, at least it's over. No more fantasy, ever. No more books, period. We can pack our bags and finally return home.
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The REASON why I haven't been posting or having any contact with Eyeson people at all. [18 Jan 2006|02:01pm]
(Daniel sent me a very nice, almost personalised LJ-nudge message. >:|)

Ok, I'm in the University now, studying, right?

And for some reason my Eyeson attendance dropped.

Probably anime, or something.


I just haven't had the heart to rejoin the community. Not for any particular reason, I just didn't feel like I could contribute. I was part of Eyeson for four, five years, the womb-time of my Internet prepubescentage. I was a chick who left the nest.

Another reason is a nagging feeling that if I tried to join the community surrounding Eyeson, I could not keep on contributing - I have many other interests (and I've practically replaced Eyeson from my life with another board that has interests that coincide with mine other than Square-games and anime and stuff related), and I don't feel like I can take part in all of them.

I *have* been reading LJ... Well, on and off. But that is mainly because of non-Eyeson people (this happened after everything became "blog" this and "blog" that). I daren't reply to posts by Eyesonians because then I might have to bind myself into further social contact, which might lead to disappointment on all sides. For some time, I kept on searching on Eyeson for variations of my name, to see if people talked about me (but I did that when I was part of Eyeson (it was a later development - easier to keep track on where I should be, besides, it strook my ego to see my name used), but that stopped when I became a ghost for Eyeson - someone like, oh, other oldbies who just faded away, like, say, Krel.

Anyhow, I'm not dead, I'm not unhappy with Eyeson, I am not angry with Eyeson or with the people of Eyeson. I just took to change, and then locked the change around me like a cage. My new internet-life - the stuff after the cocoon-period I enjoyed at Eyeson - has kept me in its vices for soon a year and more, and it has become my new routine.

In fact, I have been contemplating on removing Eyesoners from my LJ-friends lists - only to keep you out of my reach and beyond this strange temptation and remembrance - but I've never done it in fear that someone might notice, and feel snubbed.

Today I might change the direction I take with my relation-non-relation with Eyeson. It doesn't seem very healthy to only lurk my old best friends.


WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS OUT, THEY PULLL ME BACK IN *does pulling back in handsign*
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[16 May 2005|01:45am]
I changed my LJ-avvies.

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Shite [20 Apr 2005|07:17pm]
My daily sleep-rythm is going complete bonkers - instead of waking up at 12, I wake at nine. Of course, I LINGER in bed until 12, but STILL. Damn.
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[18 Apr 2005|06:31pm]
Aaah, feels good to be spontaneous once in a while.

Went to the library to drop off this boring Jack Vance, and pick up A Hat Full of Sky instead. I also got a Wynne Jones I hadn't read before.

In addition, when I came back I rented Dodgeball, of which I've heard a lot of good things. Plus some cheetos.

What else could a person ever need?
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How the power of reason saved my life [15 Apr 2005|01:02pm]
One of my earlier dreams this night culminated in me, with three other passengers, rushing into a curve on a disconnected railway container. It fleeeeew right into the air, and hit the water of the bay like a sack of kittens. As I sat there, watching myself not doing anything, I noticed something: "Why did this thing, this cart, sink so fast even though it flew through the air like a bird? And the only opening was the door at the end of it, and we landed that door upwards, why didn't we float longer?" And as the water closed over my head, and everything turned dark, I found myself explaining it to a metro-pilot why and how I had lost one of his precious wans, and that if you'd search the bay you'd find the damn thing.

This was one of my "traveling" dreams. The City, though it still has many morphological features of Dream Lovisa and Dream Countryside, has acquired a lot of places that remind me of Central Hesa. I have begun dreaming of Hesa. Today, the theme of my Traveling Dream was: around in the City on railways. And, as usual in Traveling Dreams, I visited some places. Going with the Hesa theme, one at least was a kiosk-type shop on the street. Don't remember much else.

My following dream was something about a destined kid and spirits and having to kill a evil girl-spirit who resided in some round amber pieces or something, I don't remember.
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[14 Apr 2005|07:42pm]
There are a few things I will probably never do again, in fear of making my mind implode on itself.

One of them is rewatch NGE and EoE.


This entry brought to you by: Listening to Komm Susser Tod on net-radio. sheesh. I ought to get some kind of reaction from that song, and I guess I did, the first time I heard it recently, after years of not hearing it, again. gave me the creeps. shite.
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On a side-note [14 Apr 2005|05:01pm]
I was *this* close to joining Greenpeace. 3 euros a month, save the world? Nah. Most of the enviromental problems Greenpeace.fi tackles aren't that pressing to me. The sea, the forests and, eh, something else.
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Hm. Ro stuff. [06 Apr 2005|02:43pm]
Damn, I want some money.

And now I realise I have no idea how to sell stuff to people.

I guess only merchants can put up shops, eh?

Checked some price-lists, I guess I could try selling this Horn Card I picked up for 100k.

That'd be something like three or four times the whole amount of money I've collected, combined!

And I could get mah hands on a damn Tsurugi instead of this slab of iron I'm carrying around at the moment.
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Dreams are awesome. [05 Apr 2005|12:25pm]
In dreams, I can't remember REAL books so I make them up.

Today, I saw:

Something like God's guid to the [an english idiom strung up together]-god which is a low-level info-dump book with a cartoon host "God" who tells you about English idioms, including the only example I remember: "to looking glass smth".

A book of tribute strips for Beagle Bailey made by the guy who did Lucky Luke - actually, more like "What would've BB looked like if the guy who did LL would've done it?", except not really. It soon deteorated from almost-BB (I made up characters and everyone was doing the King Arthur Coconut Dance without the coconuts (cause cowboys ride horses, etc)), into a story about three toddlers who, one of whom finds-steals three collecting cards a low-level bee-monster had left on the ground and gets his ass pulped because of it. Then he gives the cards back, only to find that his other friends have found cards too, and tries to snitch them out to the bee-monsters, but the bee-monsters don't care anymore.

Then I read on two Disney comics. It was a story about Scrooge and the boys (and Donald, for some reason - the style was Ducktalesy, and smacked of a re-telling of a Barks story), trying to find Scrooge's birthplace somewhere which smelled like southern central Europe.
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[05 Apr 2005|12:53am]
Haha, the people in RO are awesome, especially healers.

I mean, hunting some Rockers when suddenly, someone wearing a hat teleports in, heals me in a split-second and teleports out again.

Too bad everyone speaks German in EuRo.
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Ok, this is funnilly absurd. [04 Apr 2005|01:05pm]
I just had the most META dream of my life.

Ok, the earliest I remember was a scary murder-mystery. I'm some sort of film noir-detective (more like a cop-detective than detective), and this murder happened like, just a couple of hours ago. Marks of a HUGELY strong monster. It was such an absurd thing that I started suspecting whether a baby or one of characters survived was some sort of super (mutant, psychic, witch), but then that road ends and another starts.

It's a travelling-dream, you know the type. I travel on roads. This time it was again a dream-place I had been before, or it felt like it - it was a foresty road, kinda like the fields in Länsikylä, but without the fields and with more forest. I'm travelling along-side this strange group of people who are walking, like campers, while I'm in something that looks like a rickety Ford T-model.

There is some sort of stuff with an ATM-machine.

Then the really meta part stands. We arrive in a town, and I realise it is Lovisa - regardless of the Big Ben that had replaced the church-tower and other stuff like the river (it's in real-life more on the sea-shore) and lights of the night that aren't very Lovisa-y. So, we come to the bus-station, and I start to explain to someone how I've had dreams about that place before. I was thinking I was awake and told people about my old dreams. AND THEN, I went inside to get some money from an ATM, it's some kind of new system and some kind of ATM-programmer guy is literally hanging around my neck annoying me (though he got the ATM software to update), and I can't remember my ATM pin (true in real life), so I try to remember it by murmuring to myself in swedish the numbers, and at last I get it right.

But there was a part where I accidentally used a wrong card in the ATM, and started mumbling about how I was confused because I had used an ATM earlier - "...or maybe that was a dream. Yeah, it was a dream."

So, in conclusion, today I dreamed about how I told about past dreams and dream-patterns of mine, and also reference to an earlier dream-sequence as a dream within a dream.
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So. [02 Apr 2005|06:10pm]
I've tried out some MMORPGs lately. Beta and free ones.

First one was something. Dun remember the name, was a open source 2d-thingie isometric. Not the most polished product.

Then, Planeshift, also open source. It's pretty, but very much in alpha, and lacks stuff. Besides, the quest-system is broken so I had nothing to do but hunt rats in the sewers, and yesterday they suddenly change everyone's char-models into monsters which got boring fast. And they still haven't changed back.

Then, yesterday I tried out Xiah, then, a Korean beta. It's very consolic, basically it's bashing monsters. And orientalish, glad to see stuff like this once in a while instead of the medieval-type. The quests consist of mainly HUNTing stuff (basically going after non-standard monsters with names like "Crazy Monster Man" instead of "Monster Man"), or trying different basic stuff. The quests in the beginning act almost like tutorials, except they don't tell you anything, and the purpose of those quests is to figure out how to do things - like how to TAME monsters, or JOIN a party. Their capitalisation, by the way.
The graphics are pretty, professional. The areas are VERY area-y. I've visited the Prairia area (first town), Bizarre Rock area (first "monster" area from the Prairie), the Volcano Area (monster/town area beyond Bizarre Rock area), where you can then move from to three new areas, one of which is the Desert Area, which kills me even more mercilessly than the Volcano Area.
The Skill system is basic, though somewhat interesting. To learn a Martial arts skill (all skills, seem to be, martial arts skills cause they're called martial arts skills) you have to first get a book, learn the theory (which makes your skill level 1, and the skill usable), and then later upgrade that skill by alotting skill points (that you alread used in the Theory-learning step) and by getting more books for further steps.
On skills, I can say that I've found the skills of my character's class, the Swordsman, rather... Disappointing. The only really usable thing I have is a low-level (because you need a new book for skill-level 2 and beyond) Energy Circulation skill which basically translates Mana into HP. The other skills are huge Mana-hogs (the low-level EC takes only 2 mana, while the others are counted in tens), and don't do much anything. The next skill I'm able to learn is a Walk-Really-Fast skill, which should be at least marginally useful when trying to travel through these blasted maps.

And now I'm downloading R.O.S.E which I don't have any idea on what it's like. Seems more persistent-worldy than Xiah, at least.

And stuff! Suggest some MMORPGs for me to try, and maybe I'll get around to it someday soon, if I don't get stuck on any particular other game.
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[20 Mar 2005|07:35pm]
It makes me wonder when I think about who actually ever CALLS me.


Maybe dad sometimes.

My source at the Autism society.

and/or surveyors and telemarketers.
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[13 Mar 2005|02:42am]
Damn. I don't know why, but for some reason my mind has trouble bending around the concept that women, too, might actually sometimes enjoy sexual pleasure.

I blame porn, I guess.

And the Victorians.
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Anime of the moment. [12 Mar 2005|08:49pm]

It is... interesting. Very.
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[11 Mar 2005|03:42pm]
Dammit, how can I botch cooking some RICE?!

Where'd the water go?

Oh well.

*adds some more water, let's it cook for some while more*
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